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How does Paperstime.com handle its orders?
Once you have filled the Order form your order is in process. Please be careful to fill in the form carefully, in the Order form you will find an “info” sign at every text field that produces a pop-up window with information when clicked.

When will my order be ready?
In average, a standard order is complete within a day. However, orders vary by complexity and size, so bigger orders will take more time to be processed. Your order will always be completed before an urgent deadline, although orders with tighter deadlines have higher prices. Please consider the time needed to conduct research, edit and format your work before setting a deadline – the longer it is, the better the quality.

How well qualified are your writers?
Paperstime.com is leading the industry with decades of experience, unmatched by any other company in terms of talent, resourcefulness and commitment. Our writers are the best qualified in finding resources and conducting professional research as most of them are retired professors from leading universities. Available 24/7, our team will ensure that your order will be completed in time no matter the deadline. We only employ the best of the best and this is reflected in our work.

Can I contact you anytime for assistance?
Our customer service offices are open around the clock, even on holidays. You can contact us through various means like live chat, e-mail, phone or the messenger on your personal account page. We take care of any question and do not leave any problem unsolved.

What kind of services do you provide?
In addition to academic writing, Paperstime.com also covers editing, proofreading, formatting and expert research services. No matter your academic level – we will be able to handle your order. Hundreds of people order essays, academic theses, reports and many other kinds of documents are ordered from us every day. We also handle the areas of web content and business communication.

Will my order come with a citations page?
Absolutely. The citations page is provided along with the work at no additional cost and we will use the specific citation style that you have stated in your order form.

Is your service 100% legal?
It is, our work is not in breach of any law. We do not support any forms of plagiarism and only contribute to your personal improvement as a student. When you make an order at Paperstime.com, you are purchasing a full copyrighted work of one of our authors, written just for you per your request! You are expected to use the work as a reference for your own research.

Can I be sure of the confidentiality of my data?
Yes. We have a very strict confidentiality code and we do not provide any of your information to any third parties. Even the authors are not given your data.

What if I do not receive my order within the deadline?
To our deepest regret, there are cases beyond our control where we are unable to deliver the order in time. However, such incidents are rare, as they are often connected to technical failures such as Internet disruptions or corrupted files. However, Paperstime.com is not responsible if it proves that it was unable to prevent the delay. In any other case, the company will refund the client the full amount of money paid for the order.

What if I am not satisfied with the order?
You are free to request an unlimited number of revisions free of charge if you are not satisfied with your order provided that you provide detailed instructions on how the paper should be revised as well as specifying your reasons for requesting a revision. If you choose to request a major revision that do not conform with your original instructions or if you are making a request two days past the delivery time of your order, you will have to pay a rewriting fee, the size of which is determined by the degree of the revision and the presumed amount of time needed to complete it. For more information on this question, please refer to the Pricing page.

Could you give a detailed description of your refund policy?
Our biggest commitment at Paperstime.com is customer satisfaction. Therefore, our customers have the opportunity to request revisions of their orders for two days after the expiration of the deadline. The revisions are provided free of charge and are provided on the condition that the work has failed to meet your standards. If you are not satisfied with the revised article even after the two day period, you are still eligible for a full refund. Here you can learn more about our Money Back Guarantee.

How do I pay for my order?
Paperstime.com uses a scheme similar to any online shop and you have to make a payment before our team can start with your order. If you know in advance that your order is extremely complicated, it is highly recommended that you wait for us to find an appropriate expert before proceeding with your payment. The payment options at our website include credit card, debit card and a large number of international payment processing systems provided by companies such as PayPal. We’re able to divide the payment into multiple installments for large orders. We do not accept cash or personal check payments.

How secure is the payment through your site?
We take financial security incredibly seriously, therefore your transactions are always protected. We work with a big number of payment processing company and make use of the newest algorithms and software available on the market to ensure that payment data is secure. The fast and convenient payment service is absolutely legal and safe.

How will you deliver my order once It is finished?
You will be able to download your paper through your dedicated personal account page. An e-mail notification will be swiftly sent to you once your assignment is complete, prompting you to sign in to your page with your specified account name and user password. If you are not able to access your account, please do not ever hesitate to contact us through e-mail, live chat or telephone so that our dedicated customer service team is able to get in touch with you as soon as possible and help you retrieve your order.

How will you be able to get in touch with me?
To ensure that the timely completion of your order goes on smoothly, it is recommended that you keep in touch at all time with your writer and customer support. We will try our best to keep you well informed and updated on the completion progress and give answers to any possible questions you may possibly have in regards to your order. We may also need to contact you through e-mail or telephone, so please provide only relevant information.

I need assistance. What do I do?
We constantly monitor our information feed for new messages. If you require urgent help, it is best to use the special live chat feature that’s available on our website so that we could always get in touch with you when possible. If you are unable to use live chat, please always feel free to contact us through e-mail or telephone. We are available at any time and date. We will help you with whatever issues you may have.
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